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Why CareerNext Some tips for interview preparation include:
    Take time out for getting prepared.
  Dress smartly as first impressions last.
  Do homework on company and understand its products and services.
  Bring together relevant personal documentation files arranged in a systematic way in folder.
  Prepare highlights and achievements in your career.
  Arrive on time.
  Know the interviewer's correct title with pronunciation.
  Maintain eye contact with soft smile and firm handshake.
  Let interviewer take control of flow but ensure you need to display honesty, enthusiasm and warmth.
  During interview, you will be assessed on strengths and weaknesses where personal characteristics will be probed like attitude, aptitude, stability, motivation.
  When dealing with panel interview, maintain eye contact with all.
  If interviewer offers position, be prepared to accept it there and then and if you wish for some time to think, be tactful and courteous in telling about the same.
  Leave interviewer with good final impression.
Questions to ask the interviewer(s)
  You must have questions prepared; otherwise it can imply a lack of interest in the job. Here are some suggestions:
  What would my core responsibilities be?
  What training or induction is given?
  How much interaction would I have with other departments, or with clients and suppliers?
  What scope is there for taking on extra work, or being involved in any other aspects of the company?
  What plans do you have for expansion - how would these impact on my role?
  Where are the opportunities to progress within the company?
  Why is the position available?
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